1. Log into your account on the Parsl mobile app
  2. Click on Scan Tag at the bottom middle of the screen
  3. Select Enter Serial Code 
  4. Enter a Serial Code ID 
  5. Click button Submit
  6. If the system shows error message “Tag not found” 
    1. Confirm the serial code you entered is correct. If the code is incorrect, re-enter the code correctly.
    2. Confirm you are logged into the correct commercial profile with permission to access that serial code information. If the commercial profile is incorrect either:
      1. Switch profiles in the Profiles tab of the User Account section of the app
      2. Log out of the app and log back in using the email connected to the correct profile. 

  7. If both the serial code and the commercial profile are correct, contact a Parsl Guide for help by clicking on the Help button in the bottom right corner of the web platform.



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