1. Tap the NFC Tag with your device reader
  2. If the NFC Tag is not read, confirm your device’s NFC is turned on
  3. If the NFC Tag is still not read, use the same device to scan another NFC Tag
    1. If this Tag is also not read, your device is probably broken and should be repaired
    2. If this Tag is read, the initial Tag is probably broken and should be discarded


NOTE: Sometimes the trick is locating where to put a Tag in relation to a scanning device to be able to read it. When it comes to mobile devices, this can be in the center of the back part of the phone, at the top of the phone or in other places. If the Tag is outside the EM field (2 inches) being created by the reader device (in most cases a phone) then you won’t be able to scan the Tag.





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