Inventory counts measure the overall quantity of Products or of a certain type of Products


  1. Click button Bulk Actions at the bottom right corner of the screen
  2. Select Inventory Count
  3. Select:
    1. Facility
    2. Room
    3. Optional: Box
    4. Optional: Cannabis type
  4. Click button Confirm
  5. You will see the current estimated Product count
  6. Select Scan Parsl SmartTag or Enter Serial Code to count that Product
    1. If Scan Parsl SmartTag, scan the Parsl SmartTag
    2. If Enter Serial Code, enter the Blaze, Metrc or Parsl code and click button Submit
  7. The Product will now show as counted and the Counted number will increase by 1
    1. You can see this as a 1 (counted Products) / 7 (current estimated Products) as the Inventory Count total above the Product details by Product type
  8. Repeat steps 6-8 until all Products are counted
    1. If you try to add a Product that is of a Product type which you have not included in this count, you will get the error message “Scanned Product is not on list”
  9. When all Products have been counted successfully, click button Submit
  10. The Inventory Count Summary will show you the details of your Inventory count, including:
    1. The inventory criteria
    2. The expected Product count
    3. The actual Product count based on the number of items scanned
    4. Any variance in expected vs actual count
    5. Details of any corrective actions taken
    6. Any missing items


A report is generated at the end of an Inventory count which highlights the inventory criteria, the expected Product count, the actual Product count based on the number of items scanned, and any variance in expected vs actual counts. The Inventory count report is only accessible in the Web Application but can be downloaded as a PDF.

Corrective Actions 




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