In order to allocate multiple Tag to Products, you must first have multiple unallocated Tags and a Package or Products registered in your Parsl dashboard.


  1. Log into your account on the Parsl mobile app
  2. Click Bulk Actions at the bottom right of the screen
  3. Select Allocate Parsl SmartTags to Products
  4. To compile a list of unallocated Tags, choose to Scan tag or Enter code for each Tag
    1.  If Scan tag, use your device’s camera to scan the Tag
    2. If Enter code, enter the 8-9 character Blaze serial code or the 24 character Metrc serial code. Click button Submit
  5. The Tag will show up on your list of unallocated Tags
  6. Select a Package by choosing to Scan barcode (Blaze or Metrc) or Enter Serial Code
    1. If Scan barcode, scan the barcode (Blaze or Metrc) with your device camera
    2. If Enter Serial Code, enter the 8-9 character Blaze serial code or the 24 character Metrc serial code
  7. Click button Submit
  8. Confirm the details on the Package details page are correct for the Package you wish to use 
  9. Click button Select Room
  10. Select a Blaze Inventory Room from the drop-down menu 
    1. Only Rooms which are linked to Blaze Inventory will be displayed 
  11. Click button Submit
  12. Confirm the details are all correct on the Package Details page
    1. You’ll be able to see that the number of Products for that Package has been increased by the number of Tags you just assigned to it



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