Contents can be any combination of Products and/or Boxes. You will be able to add Contents to the Box using the same action in the app. You will still be able to select Contents from multiple Boxes and/or Rooms and add them to a single Box. 


  1. Click button Bulk Actions at the bottom right corner of the screen
  2. Select Add Contents to Box to be navigated to the Add Contents screen
    1. You can add any combination of Products and/or Boxes to this Box
    2. If the Products/Boxes already exist in another Box or Room, they will be moved to this Box in this Room
  3. Select Box
  4. Select Scan tag or Select Enter code
    1. If Scan Tag, scan the relevant Product/Box Tag(s)
    2. If Enter Code, enter the relevant Product/Box Code(s) - Blaze, Metrc or Parsl
  5. Confirm the details for the Contents are correct on the Add Contents summary screen
  6. When done adding contents, click button Submit
  7. Confirm the details on the Add Contents Summary screen are correct



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