When Products are handed over from one Parsl customer to another, a Customer Handover takes place, removing the Products or Boxes from the first company’s inventory and adding those Products or Boxes into the second company's inventory

Handing over a Box moves all the contents of that Box


  1. Click button Bulk Actions at the bottom right corner of the screen
  2. Select Handover Contents
  3. Select Scan Parsl  SmartTag or Enter Serial Code
    1. If Scan Parsl SmartTag, scan the Parsl SmartTag
    2. If Enter Serial Code, enter the Blaze, Metrc or Parsl code and click button Submit
  4. Click button Submit on the pop up
  5. The Action will process and you will see a Handover Summary page
    1. This page will include a GPS location of where the Handover took place, which is visible on the Web Application as well


Customer Handovers are not an Action that can be reversed so triple check details before submitting a Handover

Details of performed Handovers are available in the Parsl web application





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