Content can be destroyed one at a time or multiple at once. Destroyed contents are removed from the active inventory, the total inventory count is decreased, and associated Tags are marked as voided. Destroying a Box will only destroy the Box, not the Contents inside the Box, which will remain active in the inventory.


  1. Click button Bulk Actions at the bottom right corner of the screen
  2. Select Destroy Contents 
  3. Select Scan Parsl SmartTag or Enter Serial Code
    1. If Scan Parsl SmartTag, scan the Parsl SmartTag
    2. If Enter Serial Code, enter the Blaze, Metrc or Parsl code and click button Submit
  4. Once all the Contents have been added, click button Destroy Contents
  5. Click button Submit
  6. The Action will process and you will see a Destroy Contents Summary page

The Contents will now be marked as Voided in both Parsl and Blaze




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