1. Log into the Web Application
  2. Click Inventory Count on the menu bar on the left side of the screen or the Inventory Count icon from the icons on the home page
  3. You will be shown a list of previously performed Inventory Counts
  4. You can sort results by:
    1. Date range (from date, to date)
    2. Facility
    3. Newest/Oldest first
  5. Click button View next to the Inventory Count whose details you want to see. You’ll be shown the following details:
    1. Date and time the Inventory Count was made
    2. Name of the user who performed the Inventory Count
    3. Facility
    4. Room
    5. Cannabis Type(s)
    6. Items scanned
    7. Product missing
    8. Actions Taken
  6. You will also see an Inventory Summary Report which includes the following details:
    1. Products counted successfully
    2. Products missing from count
    3. Incorrect room and/or box - No action taken
    4. Incorrect cannabis type - No action taken
    5. Products reported as sold
    6. Products recorded as wastage
    7. Products deleted
  7. Click button Download PDF to download a PDF version of the Inventory count Report



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