If your mobile device was previously connected to this device but has been paired to another mobile device since. You will need to follow the steps below.


  1. Please Forget Socket D600 HID [XXXXXXfrom your Bluetooth settings on your mobile device & previously paired mobile devices. 
  2. Forget previous device on the Socket Scan Tool
    1. Make sure the Socket Scan Tool is turned on. 
    2. Press & Hold the Power + Trigger buttons for until 3 beeps sound.  
      1. Make sure the Read light is flashing Blue not Magenta. 
    3. The device is now ready for Bluetooth pairing.
    4. Turn your Mobile device's Bluetooth ON.  
    5. Turn ON the Socket Scan Tool. 
    6. You can now pair the device from your mobile. To the device name Socket D600 HID [XXXXXX]

If this solution does not work, you will need to reset the device. Please follow the steps below: 

Reset the Socket Scan Tool

    1. Make sure the device is turned OFF
    2. Press & Hold the Trigger + Power buttons. 
      1. Release both buttons. 
      2. Hold the Trigger button until a success melody sounds. (About 10 seconds). 
      3. The device Read Light will flash Magenta colour now.  Repeat the above steps until the Read Light flashes Blue. 
  1. Turn the Socket Scan Tool Off then On. 
    1. The device is now ready for Bluetooth pairing.
      1. Continue to Pair the device from your mobile to the device Socket D600 HID [XXXXXX]



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