First Time Connection 

Ensure all previously connected mobile devices have forgotten the Socket Scan Tool in their Bluetooth settings. 

    1. Forget the previous mobile device on the Socket Scan Scanner 
      1. Turn the Socket NFC Scanner ON. 
      2. Press & Hold the Trigger button. 
          1. Press & Hold the Power button. 
          2. 3 beeps will sound shortly after. 
        1. Release the Trigger Power buttons. 
    2. The Socket NFC Scanner will now turn off.
      1. The device is now ready for Bluetooth pairing.
    3. Prepare your phone for pairing, then turn on the Socket Scan Tool
      1. Continue to Pair the device from your mobile to the device Socket D600 HID [XXXXXX]


If your Mobile device & the Socket NFC Scanner we're the previously paired together & not connected to another device since. The Socket NFC Scanner will automatically connect to your Mobile device when switched on. 




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