QR code's function identically to NFC tags, with the exception of being printed from a label printer and scanning from a camera. 

To scan QR codes, make sure that in your Parsl app profile settings (located top left of the home page) you have switched from NFC to QR. 


To generate QR codes, select the QR codes tab and enter the number of QR codes you wish to generate. 

After generating QR codes, you will be prompted to print them. Select a format you wish to print them in. A 1Wx1H inch label will produce a QR in the centre of that label with the respective serial code below. If you have a 2Wx1H inch label, select 1Wx1H inch and it will print Centre left of that label. 

If your labels in the above sizes don't match, you can reach out to us and we will create one for you. Alternatively, you can print the labels on an A4 piece of paper and cut them to size. They will be printed in a 1x1 inch format spread across the page. 







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