This troubleshooting guide is for the use of operational managers and staff when facing issues attempting to Split Metrc Packages through the Parsl Mobile Application.

What is Covered
This guide will cover the details of each step in the process of Splitting an existing Metrc Package in multiple Packages, from determining the source package through to working with your newly created Parsl/Metrc package. Additionally, this guide will cover some of the known issues that can occur in this process when the Parsl and Metrc systems encounter errors. 


Steps to Splitting a Package in Parsl

Step 1: Navigating to the Split Package Action

    1. Start by going to navigating to Bulk Actions
    2. From bulk actions select Packages
    3. From the Package, Menu select Split PackageMenu-2.JPGMenu-3.JPG

Step 2: Selecting a Source Package

Important: The Source Package you Select must be a package this is active in Metrc and not Finished. 

The Package must contain a Metrc Value Above 0, this could be a count of 2, a weight of 2kg or a Volume of 1l. But never 0 or less as the package must have contents to take from. 

Advisably the Selected Package should also be linked to an active Product Line (Item Type in Metrc). 

  1. Manually enter or copy and paste the Metrc Label of the Source Package. Source-Package1.JPGSource-Package2.JPG

  2. In our selection here we have Chosen a Weight based Package that contains 2grams of Product, each Single Product would have a Net Weight of 1g (Each Individual product is 1g).
  3. This package is valid to be Split.  

Step 3: Selecting a Defining the Split

  1. To define the Split in some cases we will be able to split by Products, this means we have already defined and allocated Products in Parsl that can be used as the measurements of what we moving from one package to the new one.  
  2. We provide the Serial Codes of the Products we are taking from the Package.
  3. For the sake of this guide, we are going to do what's called a full split and take all of the contents from the existing Package leaving it empty.
  4. Products1.JPGProducts2.JPG
  5. We can confirm that we wish to empty this Package entirely. 

Step 4: Selecting a New Package as a Target 

Important: It's critical the Metrc Label used in this process has never been assigned to any previous packages and is blank, the process will not work in any other case. 

You can important you blank Metrc Labels into the Parsl System prior to this process to help recognise what Metrc Labels you have and haven't used for new Packages. 

  1. In order to make a new Metrc package, the system requires a brand new unassigned Metrc Label to be provided.
  2. The Parsl system will validate the new Package Id (Package Label) against the Metrc Package Labels that have been provided to the system. (If the label is invalid the app will inform you at this stage)
  3. NewPackage1.JPGSplit1.JPG


Step 5: Confirming and performing the Split

  1. You can now review and confirm you are happy with the Split that is about to take place. 
  2. Continue by Clicking the Arrow Action.
  3. Split2.JPGSuccess.JPG
  4. In the very best-case scenario, this action will result in a successful state and your Package will be Split into Parsl and Metrc. 

We didn't get Success: Troubleshooting what's wrong? 

Things we need to confirm:

The Source Package is in a Valid state to be Split

  1. The Source Package is connected to the Product Line (Item Model) that is valid and active in Metrc
  2. The Source Package contains the contents (measurement) necessary to make the Split and hasn't had the contents taken from Metrc Directly or another system. 
  3. You have recently performed a Metrc Package Sync to ensure Parsl has an up-to-date understanding of this Package. 

The New Package Label you wish to use is in a Valid state to become the identifier of your new Package. 

  1. Confirm the Label has never been assigned to another Metrc Package or Entity. 
  2. Confirm the Label has been accurately provided. 
  3. Confirm the Label is active in Metrc. 
  4. The Labels must belong to the same Facility. 

The Integration to Metrc is down or failing 

  1. Ensure Metrc is currently not down. 
  2. Ensure your Parsl to Metrc integration is correctly configured and active. 
  3. Ensure you have recently performed a Package Sync. 
  4. Ensure you have recently updated your pool of new Metrc Labels. 

Some of the Metrc errors you may encounter. 

1 'Error occurred while creating new package: The Item "Item Name" is invalid. Please ensure the name is correct.' 

This error indicates that there is an issue with the Item Type in metrc:

  • It could be that the Item Type (ProductLine) is no longer active. 
  • It could mean that the Item Type has been renamed to something else and the systems are now out of sync. 
2 'Error occurred while creating new package:
  • Package 1234567890 does not exist in the current Facility.
  • Package 1234567890 is in Transit and cannot have its contents sold.
  • Package 1234567890 cannot be adjusted because it is part of an existing Transfer.' 


These kind errors indicates that there is an issue with the Source Package you are trying to Adjust in metrc. Packages must be active, in the same facility and not in transit or transfer. 


3 'Error occurred while creating new package:
  • Package 1234567890 cannot be adjusted below negative quantity threshold. 
  • Contents from package 1234567890 cannot be sold because it has been Finished.

This error indicates that the source package is finished or depleted and cannot be split from. This could mean that possibly the Parsl and Metrc systems are out of Sync.





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